I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up as an inner city kid. However, from way back when I was a tiny tot, my parents had me up in the mountains as much as possible. I was put on skis around the age of three and ironically enough I hated it! But given a few years, I discovered that skis gave me the chance to escape from parental supervision and roam the mountain free with my friends.

I skied cross country, raced and eventually crossed over to mogul skiing. Each stage was a progression to the next. I owe a lot to mogul skiing- it gave me my first taste of real success, but also how to deal with pressure and expectations. I travelled around the world and back to train and compete with the Australian Development team and I thought that I had found my niche. Then I discovered free-skiing… which completely sent my plan off track.

Skiing has brought more to my life than I ever expected. Friends, travel, constant challenges, adrenaline and amazing opportunities. It’s also been a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions, especially when injuries come in to play. I spend the Northern winters in Breckenridge Colorado, and the Southern winters hopping around the mountains in Australia and NZ. In between I try to fit in school, training and as much time at the beach as possible.